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Diverse Kindergarten



Make a yummy rainbow face

We are challenging you to create your very own healthy smiling snack!


Playdough Teeth

Super easy science experiment to try at home….

Get started in Canva.png

Brush the colour away (disclosing)

Do you wish you had a way of seeing how good your toothbrushing is? This exciting activity will show you how sparking clean your teeth really are…

Untitled design (1).png

Sugar Smart

Using the Sugar Smart App, take a trip around your kitchen to see how much sugar is in your favourite foods and drinks.


Role Play

Want to practice your next trip to the dentist? Or perhaps you want to be part of the dental team when you grow up?

Untitled design.png

Nursery Rhymes

You can make toothbrushing fun by making up your own nursery rhyme all about brushing teeth.

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