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Helping every child to grow up free from tooth decay by supporting healthy habits for life

Brushing your baby’s teeth is one of the best habits a parent, or career, can create for their child. Toothbrushing provides a lifetime of protection and keeps teeth and gums healthy. Many parents have told us that brushing their child’s teeth and limiting sugary foods and drinks are challenging everyday activities.


All infants are seen health visitors at 9-12 months old and parents strongly value their advice. The HABIT resources support oral health conversations between health visitors and parents and help to establish and sustain good everyday habits.


Please click on the video resources below...



Take your baby to a dentist

by the age of one. They will

provide further support

and advice. Its free for all

children under 18 years

and for women who are

pregnant or have had a baby

in the previous 12 months.

Snacks healthier for baby's teeth

  • Milk and water

  • Toast with butter, plain bread sticks, cucumber sticks, partly cooked carrot sticks, boiled sweet potato chunks, broccoli and other vegetables, plain rice cakes (with mashed avocado), and banana

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